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Airey-Thompson Company is a leader in quality manufacturing

Specializing in LED Under Cabinet, Cove, Aisle, Task, Dressing Room / Marquee 

and Telecommunication Lighting

​​​To exceed industry expectations in quality and long lasting high efficiency, our LED luminaires are made with the highest grade extruded aluminum and high impact lens.  We take pride in our workmanship and all our products pass our rigorous inspections before leaving the door.

At Airey-Thompson "Custom is Standard"

All products are made to order to get the results you want, rather than having to settle for what's considered as standard.  Special orders will fulfill your needs without exceeding your lighting budget.

Since 1935 Airey-Thompson has been serving the electrical industry. Our factory is located in Los Angeles County, in Southern California and we continually strive to meet the high expectations of the MADE IN AMERICA seal. Our outstanding quality as a manufacturer of commercial grade lighting fixtures is what has set us apart for over 80 years.

Our Mission Statement:  "Quality is our personal challenge to develop and improve the performance, value and service of our products to better meet our customer's expectations."  

We appreciate all of our past and future clients.  You can expect to receive our utmost in customer service from The Airey-Thompson Company.