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"Most significantly, the junction heat affects the lifetime of the LED."-Tim Whitaker LEDs Magazine

Heat and LED's

​​"Dimming LEDs can increase worker productivity, enhance the experience of diners in a hospitality setting, and save energy, but you have to correctly combine controls, drivers, and LED sources."-Illumination In Focus Magazine

Anti-microbial Finish

Dimmers are not universal so compatibility is very important to understand. Possible signs that your controls are not compatible with your luminaire include flickering of lights, erratic dimming, or not working at all. There are several different forms of dimming and each form has a dimmer control unique to it. For the sake of this article we will discuss the forms most often applied to LEDs, for more information see article link below. First we have "Phase cut" dimming which consists of: Leading edge also known as Triac, and Trailing edge also known as Electronic Low Voltage or ELV. Next we have 0-10V dimming which controls the level of light by applying 0-10 volts from the control to the LED driver. Airey-Thompson luminaires are manufactured with broad range of compatible dimming controls based on the type of dimming specified. We have taken the liberty of testing a few dimming controls,here is a list of pre-tested and approved dimming controls for both phase cut and 0-10v dimming(Absence from this list does not imply incompatibility). Check out this article from LEDs Magazine for more detailed information on this topic:

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Let us start by saying: Not all LED fixtures are created equally. LED's are widely known for their long life characteristics, however if they are allowed to get hot it will drastically cut the life span down. For example have you seen LED traffic lights that are half burned out? What happened here? These LEDs were sold on promises of long life spans and reduced maintenance; these promises can be realistic with proper designs and engineering. So this is why Airey-Thompson luminaires are all made from extruded aluminum which is one of the best materials to literally draw the heat out of the LED's to ensure the longest life span possible. We also use some of the most reliable components on the market to make sure to fulfill the promise of long life and reduced maintenance.

"Especially with high-powered LEDs , it is essential to remove this heat through efficient thermal management."-Tim Whitaker LEDs Magazine

here is a link to an article on LEDs magazine "Fact or Fiction-LEDs don't produce heat"

Dimming Control Compatibility

First lets talk about what an anti-microbial finish is. An anti-microbial finish is an additive to powder coat or paint that contains silver ions that inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria by attaching to the cellular enzyme. According to German research in 2012 20% of hospital patients contracted hospital acquired infections. So with this information you can see why this finish is important and should be specified for areas where germs and bacteria are common like Healthcare facilities, hospitals, laboratories, bathrooms, schools and child care facilities to name a few. Airey-Thompson offers anti-microbial finishes on our under cabinet luminaires in an effort to produce the best luminaires available. Our anti-microbial coatings are put through strict, premium testing and achieve excellent test results. Anti-microbial powders pass ISO22196 and JIS Z 2801 testing standards for efficacy.