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Why Airey-Thompson under cabinets?

Airey-Thompson is a leader in manufacturing premium extruded aluminum under cabinet lighting which is offered with the latest in LED technology, providing exceptional energy efficiency, cool operation, and long service life, with the newest offering being the multi receptacle task LED luminaire. Ultra-efficient LED illumination saves energy and provides a remarkable 50,000-hour service life minimum. Every LED has a standard 5 year limited warranty.

Under cabinet/task lighting fixtures provide bright, even illumination for workspace desktops or countertops ideal for offices, health care, educational settings, laboratories, residential, government, food prep service and a variety of other applications.  With slim, sleek 1 5/16” profiles, they can be installed easily and inconspicuously beneath kitchen cabinets, shelving, and in work stations.  Our robust aluminum housing is superior to stamped steel housing for both removing heat from the lighting source ensuring long life and remaining rust free for the lifetime of the luminaire.  Lengths can be customized to fit any application and can be easily linked together if desired.

The NEW Multi-Receptacle under cabinet task light is a designer’s dream because you don’t have to give up beauty for function.  The standard spacing is 1 duplex receptacle per foot, custom spacing may be available.  Lighting circuit is separate from receptacle circuit(s) for easy multi-tasking and dimming.  Up to 10 duplex receptacles will operate with a 15 amp circuit or 13 duplex receptacles for a 20 amp circuit.  Multi-Receptacles can be used to power up appliances, lap top computers, music and charging devices. Now there’s a task light for multi-tasking! See the PDF cut sheet above for more details.

Satin anodized aluminum or powder coat white finish is standard; other custom color finishes available including anti-microbial options. See our TECH TALK TAB for detailed information. Airey-Thompson has a team of engineers to help if you need something a little more special than a standard fixture; we are here to work with you!